Our online shop will be temporarily offline this weekend whilst we switch over to our brand new website.

LLLGB Shop is the trading arm of LLLGB

We supply materials for families, counsellors and health professionals, including books on breastfeeding and parenting, reference books, study materials and our comprehensive range of LLLGB published information sheets and booklets.

Everything we sell is in line with LLL’s philosophy of mothering through breastfeeding. All our products are carefully read and checked for accuracy by our experienced breastfeeding counsellors. And our information sheets and booklets are kept updated on a rolling basis by our dedicated leaflet team.

As the trading arm of La Leche League GB any profit we generate goes directly to the charity. By choosing to buy from LLLGB Shop you can have the assurance that you’ll receive up-to-date, accurate information and the satisfaction that you are helping us continue our important work of supporting breastfeeding families.

LLLGB Shop is run by an enthusiastic team of LLL Leader volunteers with an in-depth knowledge of all our products, should you need further information. 

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